We figured out when the MAGA crowd thought America was great (OPINION)

I have always wondered when the MAGA crowd and its Great Leader thought America was great. We know their appeal to disgruntled white voters is an exercise in phony nostalgia and wish fulfillment. Implicit in their slogan is a desire to go back to a time when whites — white men, to be specific — were numerically, politically, economically and culturally unchallenged. But when was this, exactly? 1950? 1920? We might have to go back to the 19th century.


-Washington Post; 6/19/2020

Voter Suppression Is Still One of the Greatest Obstacles to a More Just America (OPINION)

But today, voting itself is broken. Our system has buckled under the weight of repressive voter ID laws, toxic partisan and racial gerrymandering, voter roll purges and precinct closures that disproportionately target minority voters. The intentional elimination of Sunday early voting days when black voters are most likely to head to the polls even efforts nationwide to criminalize voter registration drives.


-Time; 6/12/2020

Defund the police? Here’s what that really means.

Defunding and abolition probably mean something different from what you are thinking. For most proponents, “defunding the police” does not mean zeroing out budgets for public safety, and police abolition does not mean that police will disappear overnight — or perhaps ever. Defunding the police means shrinking the scope of police responsibilities and shifting most of what government does to keep us safe to entities that are better equipped to meet that need. It means investing more in mental-health care and housing, and expanding the use of community mediation and violence interruption programs.


-Washington Post; 6/7/2020