Kansas State ‘America First Students’ Leader Condemned for Racist Comments

Staff, students​, and athletes at Kansas State University are speaking out again against​ Kansas State student Jaden McNeil, a leader within the white nationalist youth movement, after McNeil ​authored several racist posts online about George Floyd, a black man killed by a white police officer in Minneapolis.


-Right Wing Watch; 6/26/2020

Steve Bannon’s (R) COVID Podcast Is Being Distributed by a Convicted Crook

War Room: Pandemic is a podcast and radio program that appeals to a MAGA audience and focuses on the coronavirus, and is hosted by President Trump’s former chief strategist at the White House and by the former Nigel Farage adviser Raheem Kassam.

It has covered COVID-19 and pushed false narratives about the virus, including giving weight to the unproven theory that it was somehow man-made.


-The Daily Beast; 6/22/2020

Brenden Dilley Is Just Waiting Until Trump ‘Gives Us the Green Light’ to Start Gunning Down Protesters

MAGA “life coach” and proudly amoral right-wing broadcaster Brenden Dilley said during his livestream program today that he and millions of other gun-loving Americans are just waiting until President Donald Trump “gives us the green light” to take to the streets and start gunning down activists who have been protesting all over the country following the killing of George Floyd.


-Right Wing Watch; 6/1/2020

Burkman and Wohl Claim to Have Created a Fund for White Police Officer Who Killed George Floyd

Right-wing political operatives Jack Burkman and Jacob Wohl say they have created a fund, supposedly seeded with $25,000, to pay the legal defense fees of Derek Chauvin, the white police officer who killed George Floyd, a black man whose death has set off protests in Minneapolis and cities around the country.


-Right Wing Watch; 5/29/2020

Brenden Dilley (R) Doesn’t ‘Give A F*ck About Being Factual’

“I don’t give a fuck about being factual,” Dilley said. “I make shit up all the time.”

“I don’t give a fuck,” he continued. “My objective is to destroy Democrats, OK? To destroy liberals, liberalism as an idea, Democrats, and anything that opposes President Trump. That’s my goal. I’ve never made any bones about that.”


-Right Wing Watch; 5/27/2020