Brenden Dilley (R) Doesn’t ‘Give A F*ck About Being Factual’

“I don’t give a fuck about being factual,” Dilley said. “I make shit up all the time.”

“I don’t give a fuck,” he continued. “My objective is to destroy Democrats, OK? To destroy liberals, liberalism as an idea, Democrats, and anything that opposes President Trump. That’s my goal. I’ve never made any bones about that.”

-Right Wing Watch; 5/27/2020

Fox News is ignoring Trump’s conspiracy theory about Joe Scarborough — while Sean Hannity laughs about it on the radio

President Donald Trump has been spreading a debunked conspiracy theory that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who is now a loud Trump critic, is a murderer. Unlike with previous pro-Trump conspiracy theories, Fox News isn’t covering this story on-air at all (even to debunk it) — even as the network’s most prominent host pushes the baseless attack on his radio show.

-Media Matters; 5/26/2020

Trump has pushed out 5 inspectors general since April. Here’s who they are

With the U.S. consumed by the coronavirus, President Donald Trump has taken steps to purge his administration of several independent government watchdogs. The push has Democrats and government ethics experts saying he’s undermining a vital oversight apparatus.

-PolitiFact; 5/19/2020

Trump’s slow-motion Friday night massacre of inspectors general

News broke late Friday night that Trump had removed the inspector general for the State Department, Steve Linick. It’s the third time in six weeks that such a move has been announced on a Friday night, with each inspector general having done something to pretty obviously alienate Trump. The unprecedented spate of removals has reinforced how Trump is rather obviously seeking to undermine independent oversight of his administration — and the timing of each of them only reinforces that.

-Washington Post; 5/18/2020