Suspect in killing of 2 Bay Area officers tied to right-wing ‘boogaloo’ group, prosecutors allege

-Los Angeles Times; 6/16/2020

An officer was gunned down. The killer was a ‘boogaloo boy’ using nearby peaceful protests as cover, feds say.

-Washington Post; 6/17/2020

Fact check: Huntington Beach photos comparing coronavirus protest, BLM protest are real

The claim: A Black Lives Matter protest at Huntington Beach had heavy police presence with smaller crowds while a coronavirus protest in the same area had a larger crowd with light police presence

-USA Today; 6/5/2020

A man wore a KKK hood at a grocery store after San Diego County required face masks

But images of Saturday’s incident in Santee, which have circulated on social media, have invoked an entirely new sense of fear for minority residents. The Los Angeles Times notes that the city has a history of racially motivated attacks and is known by the nicknames “Klantee” and “Santucky.”

-Washington Post; 5/4/2020