Global warming to push billions outside climate range that has sustained society for millennia

In a stark new finding about the planet’s rapidly warming climate, a new study finds that for every 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) of global average warming, 1 billion people will have to adapt or migrate to stay within climate conditions that are best suited for crop production, livestock and a sustainable outdoor work environment.

-Washington Post; 5/4/2020

Satellite images reveal huge amounts of methane leaking from U.S. oil fields

Oil and gas operations in the Permian Basin, the largest oil-producing area in the United States, are spewing more than twice the amount of methane emissions into the atmosphere than previously thought — enough wasted energy to power 7 million households in Texas for a year.

-CBS News; 4/25/2020

Megadrought Conditions Not Seen for 400+ Years Have Returned to the West, Scientists Say

This warming, research suggests, is a key driver of California’s wildfires, and it now appears to have thrust the entire region into an extended long-term “megadrought” worse than any experienced in recorded history, according to an analysis of 1,200 years of tree ring records, a century of weather observations and dozens of climate models.

KQED; 4/16/2020