Longtime Trump Ally Roger Stone (R): ‘I Certainly Hope Q is Real’

Roger Stone, a longtime associate of President Donald Trump and an early adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign for president of the United States, appeared on a pro-QAnon YouTube channel last weekend and told the audience that he hoped the conspiracy theory was true.

The QAnon conspiracy theory posits that Trump and his administration are working behind the scenes to uproot and prosecute a network of satanic pedophiles operating within the United States federal government, entertainment industry, business world and media. Followers of the conspiracy theory believe that cryptic riddles authored by an anonymous source—“Q”—and posted on far-right internet forums contain high-level intelligence about Trump’s supposed covert operation and clues meant to awaken “patriots” to the truth about their governments. The FBI considers the QAnon movement a domestic terror threat.


-Right Wing Watch; 7/2/2020

The right-wing playbook against supposed liberal media bias is being used on tech giants with alarming effectiveness

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported how President Donald Trump and Republicans have used baseless charges of anti-conservative bias to create an increasingly conservative-friendly environment at Facebook. Nothing about the Post’s reporting is particularly surprising as Facebook’s many instances of right-wing favoritism and willingness to cave to conservative demands have been public knowledge for some time.


-Media Matters; 7/1/2020

Scott Lively Would Rather Be Beheaded Than Forced by the Government to Wear a Mask

Radical anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively posted a video on YouTube Saturday in which he argued that requiring people to wear masks to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus is akin to the Nazis forcing Jewish people to wear yellow stars on their clothing, and declared that he’d rather be beheaded than to be forced to wear one by the government.


-Right Wing Watch; 6/29/2020

Scott Lively Uncorks Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Bill Cosby, Ferguson Protests, and the ‘Homosexualization of Black Youth’

During Sunday’s “Breaking News Bible Study” program, radical anti-LGBTQ activist Scott Lively defended convicted sex offender Bill Cosby and asserted that the dozens of sexual assault allegations were ginned up to discredit him ahead of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, over the police killing of Michael Brown.


-Right Wing Watch; 6/26/2020

Eric Metaxas Says Black Lives Matter Is an ‘Evil Enemy’ Run by ‘Mad Marxist Anarchists’

Right-wing author and radio host Eric Metaxas used his broadcast yesterday to attack Black Lives Matter as “an evil enemy” that wants to destroy the country and to claim that white Christians deserve credit for ending slavery in the United States.


-Right Wing Watch; 6/24/2020