Michael Cohen says Trump and Giuliani threatened him. Does that amount to witness tampering?


-Washington Post; 1/23/2019


Government auditors explain why Trump’s policies will bring more refugees to the southern border

Climate change is driving a huge increase in migration, but Trump wants to stop doing anything about it.


-Think Progress; 1/23/2019

Really, is this too much to ask for in a presidential candidate? (OPINION)

While we should expect much, much more of presidential candidates, I’d settle for a presidential candidate who:

  • Gets information from government and expert sources, not cable TV
  • Would read a book and the daily briefing
  • Understands what “trade deficit” means
  • Has no nicknames for other politicians
  • Hires a press secretary who is ashamed to lie
  • Knows the European Union is on our side and Russia is not
  • Accepts that the Justice Department doesn’t serve as the president’s private law firm
  • Recognizes climate change is a major problem
  • Does not boast about natural disasters (biggest hurricane ever!)
  • Will not fuss about his personal appearance and engage in partisan attacks moments after commenting on a mass shooting
  • Releases his tax returns for the past 10 years and divests of all businesses
  • Hires no relatives
  • Works at least a 40-hour week
  • Refuses to recite our enemies’ talking points
  • Does not praise perpetrators of mass human rights atrocities (e.g., Kim Jong Un)
  • Shows up at Arlington National Cemetery each Memorial Day and Veterans Day
  • Participates in Martin Luther King Jr. Day activities
  • Does not attack victims of sexual violence or of natural disasters
  • Won’t invent a crime wave, cook up a phony border crisis or concoct a national security rationalization for xenophobic policies
  • Refuses to call his supporters “real Americans,” suggesting others are not
  • Hires Cabinet members on merit, not on the basis of their bank account and/or obsequiousness to him
  • Won’t engage in Stalin-like Cabinet meetings where all attendees must praise him to the skies
  • Does not destroy notes of meetings with leaders
  • Doesn’t require hours of “executive time”
  • Can grasp that many Americans live paycheck to paycheck
  • Makes a good-faith effort to fill political appointee slots
  • Won’t censor or disparage the work of the intelligence community or the scientific community
  • Cares enough to get his facts rights, acknowledging there is such a thing as objective truth
  • Knows that negotiation does not mean throwing a fit and insisting the other side do it his way
  • Will not encourage the police to rough up suspects and the military to commit war crimes
  • Never dreams of endorsing a credibly alleged child molester or defending an aide credibly accused of spousal abuse
  • Hires civilians for civilian jobs, keeps generals and admirals in the military
  • Never, ever shuts down the government.


-Washington Post; 1/23/2019