Here’s one more economic problem the government’s response to the virus has unleashed: Zombie firms

Oasis is what economists call a “zombie company” — largely abandoned by investors and able to stay in business only by tapping banks or bond investors for more credit. The Federal Reserve’s efforts to fight the impact of the coronavirus upon the economy may be inadvertently making it possible for a growing number of companies to remain in this twilight state. And as the walking dead of the corporate world multiply, some analysts worry they are draining the life from the healthy parts of the economy.

-Washington Post; 6/23/2020

Trump, citing pandemic, orders limits on foreign workers, extends immigration restrictions through December

Critics of the moves say the president is using the public health crisis to carry out the kind of border closures and immigration overhaul he has long extolled, giving him the opportunity to campaign on the measures in his bid for reelection.

-Washington Post; 6/22/2020