Samuel Rodriguez Says Democrats Are ‘Hostile to Our Christian Worldview in Every Sense of the Word’

“It’s an anti-Christian element hijacking the Democratic Party,” he said. “It’s hostile to our Christian worldview in every sense of the word. The silence of Joe Biden, that silence right now makes him complicit, de facto affirming the actions that run against our Judeo-Christian value system.”

-Right Wing Watch; 7/1/2020

Eric Metaxas Says Black Lives Matter Is an ‘Evil Enemy’ Run by ‘Mad Marxist Anarchists’

Right-wing author and radio host Eric Metaxas used his broadcast yesterday to attack Black Lives Matter as “an evil enemy” that wants to destroy the country and to claim that white Christians deserve credit for ending slavery in the United States.

-Right Wing Watch; 6/24/2020

Fact-checking the GOP’s ‘satirical’ vote-by-mail video

State election officials from both parties are expanding vote-by-mail this year to mitigate the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus. President Trump has fumed at these moves and for weeks has been spreading false information about vote-by-mail laws and safeguards, often tweeting baseless warnings about a phantom plot to steal the election.

-Washington Post; 6/24/2020

Fox guest Rudy Giuliani (R): “Black Lives Matter wants to come and take your house away from you”

Giuliani: “There were well over 100 people wounded with guns and 25 Americans killed over the weekend. That didn’t happen accidentally, Laura. That’s part of a plan and we better wake up to it”

-Media Matters; 6/22/2020