Joe Biden’s (D) press conference and the Fox “news side” racket

This is Fox’s “news side” racket in miniature. Fox executives frequently try to defray the controversies created by the bigoted right-wing propagandists on its “opinion side” by talking up the purportedly credible reporting of its “news side.” But as the McKelway case demonstrates, the network’s reportorial corps largely exists to advance the stories its demagogues are obsessed with. From Uranium One, to Benghazi, to the migrant caravans, to the purported Justice Department conspiracy against President Donald Trump, to the president’s dealings with Ukraine, the “news” personnel find ways to fuel the “opinion” hosts’ efforts to bolster Republican politicians. Trump’s reelection campaign makes this pattern all the more acute because Fox has effectively merged with his White House over the course of his presidency, with star hosts like Hannity playing dual roles advising the president on policy and communications strategy.

-Media Matters; 7/1/2020

On key date he was reportedly briefed on Russia bounty story, Trump was live-tweeting Fox News, meeting right-wing media figures

On another key date, then-acting intelligence director Richard Grenell was fighting online with CNN and The Washington Post — over whether Trump reads his President’s Daily Brief

-Media Matters; 6/30/202