Trump, citing pandemic, orders limits on foreign workers, extends immigration restrictions through December

Critics of the moves say the president is using the public health crisis to carry out the kind of border closures and immigration overhaul he has long extolled, giving him the opportunity to campaign on the measures in his bid for reelection.

-Washington Post; 6/22/2020

Betsy DeVos (R) Issues Emergency Rule That DACA And Foreign Students Cannot Receive Corona Virus Relief Funds

On Thursday, the Department of Education issued an emergency rule barring undocumented students, including DACA students, as well as foreign students, from receiving CARES funds, even if that decision literally takes the food off of their table.

The emergency rule is a case study in mendacity. The CARES Act passed by Congress has no such restrictions.

-Forbes; 6/11/2020

Trump ramps up expulsions of migrant youth, citing virus

Under U.S. law they would normally be allowed to live with relatives while their cases wind through immigration courts. Instead the Trump administration is quickly expelling them under an emergency declaration citing the coronavirus pandemic, with 600 minors expelled in April alone.

-PBS; 5/13/2020

Stephen Miller (R) has long-term vision for Trump’s ‘temporary’ immigration order, according to private call with supporters

Trump senior policy adviser Stephen Miller told White House supporters in a private call this week that the president’s new executive order curbing immigration will usher in the kind of broader long-term changes to American society he has advocated for years, even though the 60-day measures were publicly characterized as a “pause” during the coronavirus pandemic.

-Washington Post; 4/24/2020

VDARE Claims ‘Huge Victory’ in Trump’s Proposal to Halt Immigration

Anti-immigration writer Peter Brimelow and his ​white nationalist organization VDARE have declared “victory” in the wake of President Donald Trump’s announcement that he plans to temporarily cease immigration into the United States.

Trump tweeted Monday night that because of “the attack from the Invisible Enemy”—a term he uses to refer to the COVID-19 coronavirus—”as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will be signing an Executive Order to temporarily suspend immigration into the United States!”

-Right Wing Watch; 4/21/2020