Anti-LGBTQ Group Director: The Equality Act Should Be Called the ‘Death to Christianity Act’

-Right Wing Watch; 5/14/2019


Fox mischaracterized a tech study to push anti-conservative censorship myth

An editor for the study’s write-up in the Columbia Journalism Review explained how Fox misconstrued the study’s findings

-Media Matters; 5/14/2019

‘They Can’t Kill Us All’: Dave Daubenmire (R) Urges Christians to Join Anti-Clinton ‘Tour’

“They can’t kill us all,” he said. “We have two choices: Rapture, or the Second American Revolution. That is what we have. That’s our two choices, because if we’re sitting around and waiting on the Rapture and the Rapture doesn’t come, you’re going to be locked down in a gulag.”

-Right Wing Watch; 5/10/2019