The right-wing playbook against supposed liberal media bias is being used on tech giants with alarming effectiveness

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported how President Donald Trump and Republicans have used baseless charges of anti-conservative bias to create an increasingly conservative-friendly environment at Facebook. Nothing about the Post’s reporting is particularly surprising as Facebook’s many instances of right-wing favoritism and willingness to cave to conservative demands have been public knowledge for some time.

-Media Matters; 7/1/2020

GOP-endorsed congressional candidate used n-word in racist anti-Black rant on Facebook

Writer and GOP-backed House candidate Mike Cargile has frequently posted bigoted content on Facebook, including writing a racist rant in which he used the n-word and told Black people to “quit blaming white folks for your problems. Take your black ass out there and show them kids there’s a better way than husslin’ on the street.”

Cargile has also shared memes which questioned whether Muslim members of Congress are working with terrorists; stated that “2 illegal aliens having an anchor baby does not produce an American”; and suggested that LGBTQ people are leading to the end of days. (Cargile has shared his personal Facebook page on his campaign’s Facebook page.)*

-Media Matters; 6/30/2020