Texas’ Largest Hospital Reaches 100 Percent ICU Capacity

Houston’s Texas Medical Center, considered the largest medical complex in the world, reached 100 percent ICU occupancy Thursday, as Texas continues to cope with a surge in coronavirus cases.


-Newsweek; 6/25/2020

Fox covered jailed salon owner over 7 times more than slain jogger Ahmaud Arbery

Since news broke on May 5 that Shelley Luther, a Dallas, Texas, salon owner, had been jailed for reopening her business in violation of the state’s stay-at-home order, Fox News has covered the story for one and a half hours total. That’s seven and a half times as much coverage as the network has given to Ahmaud Arbery, a black man in Georgia who was out for a jog when he was reportedly mistaken for a burglar and killed by two white men with ties to local law enforcement. Arbery’s death was covered by Fox for just 12 minutes total.


-Media Matters; 5/7/2020

Satellite images reveal huge amounts of methane leaking from U.S. oil fields

Oil and gas operations in the Permian Basin, the largest oil-producing area in the United States, are spewing more than twice the amount of methane emissions into the atmosphere than previously thought — enough wasted energy to power 7 million households in Texas for a year.


-CBS News; 4/25/2020