Steve Deace Wants to See Trump ‘Hang Some Antifa Members’

Right-wing radio host Steve Deace said on his Monday program that he wants to see anti-fascism activists “hanging from gallows in Trump ties.”

Deace, whose program airs on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze network, was taking calls from listeners regarding President Donald Trump’s lackluster rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, over the weekend.

-Right Wing Watch; 6/24/2020

Suspect in killing of 2 Bay Area officers tied to right-wing ‘boogaloo’ group, prosecutors allege

-Los Angeles Times; 6/16/2020

An officer was gunned down. The killer was a ‘boogaloo boy’ using nearby peaceful protests as cover, feds say.

-Washington Post; 6/17/2020

Armed civilians, suspected gunman arrested after man is shot at Albuquerque protest

Police have released little information about the suspected shooter and have not said whether they think he has any connection to the armed group. In a Facebook post, New Mexico Civil Guard Curry County denied that the gunman was a member, writing that their affiliates responded to disarm and encircle the gunman and prevent further violence.

Baca is a political conservative and a registered Republican, according to voter records. He last year ran unsuccessfully for a seat on the Albuquerque City Council, telling the Albuquerque Journal at the time that “he felt compelled to seek his first elected office out of fear the community is becoming a ‘third world country.’”

-Washington Post; 6/16/2020

Minneapolis’ Star Tribune downplays police violence in print coverage of recent protests

Minnesota’s Star Tribune newspaper has largely failed to mention police violence against protesters in print headlines and lead paragraphs — the most prominent parts of reporting on recent protests against police brutality in the Twin Cities. Instead, print pieces on the protests spurred by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis have overwhelmingly focused on instances of looting and rioting.

In contrast, the paper’s online coverage has highlighted multiple instances of police using force against protesters and reporters alongside their coverage of people starting to rebuild in the aftermath of riots.

-Media Matters; 6/12/2020

Gateway Pundit Suggests Disbanding FBI After It Reports White Supremacist Threats

Jim Hoft, founder of the far-right news blog The Gateway Pundit, called the Federal Bureau of Investigation a “disgrace” after it sent a memo warning that white supremacists posed the biggest threat of deadly violence at nationwide protests following a white Minneapolis Police officer killing George Floyd, a black man.

-Right Wing Watch; 6/11/2020