White House buried Trump’s call to Putin in debate night frenzy

President Donald Trump spoke Wednesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the only reason anybody knows about the call is because the Russians publicly disclosed it.

White House buried Trump’s call to Putin in debate night frenzy

-Think Progress; 8/1/2019


Trump Says He Discussed the ‘Russian Hoax’ in Phone Call With Putin


-The New York Times; 5/3/2019

Trump and Putin discussed outcome of Mueller probe as part of hour-long phone conversation, White House says


-Duluth News-Tribune; 5/3/2019

Who was behind Russia’s ‘information warfare’ campaign

There is no doubt that Russia’s government attempted to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election. As William Brangham reports, once the U.S. intelligence community reached that consensus, as well as high confidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally ordered the cyber and social media “disinformation” campaigns, a major investigation and dozens of indictments followed.


-PBS; 3/25/2019