Trump’s Baseless Attacks on Times, Post Reporting on Russia Probe

But Trump and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany have pointed to no errors in the reporting, and a rereading of the articles shows that the work is quite solid. The reporting is heavily supported by special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and by other publicly available documents and sources.; 7/2/2020

The right-wing playbook against supposed liberal media bias is being used on tech giants with alarming effectiveness

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported how President Donald Trump and Republicans have used baseless charges of anti-conservative bias to create an increasingly conservative-friendly environment at Facebook. Nothing about the Post’s reporting is particularly surprising as Facebook’s many instances of right-wing favoritism and willingness to cave to conservative demands have been public knowledge for some time.

-Media Matters; 7/1/2020

On key date he was reportedly briefed on Russia bounty story, Trump was live-tweeting Fox News, meeting right-wing media figures

On another key date, then-acting intelligence director Richard Grenell was fighting online with CNN and The Washington Post — over whether Trump reads his President’s Daily Brief

-Media Matters; 6/30/202

Trump Fans Cheer President’s Ability to Drink Water, Demand Four More Years

President Donald Trump spent significant portions of his speech at an under-attended rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Saturday defending himself from criticisms that he drank from a glass of water with two hands and speculations about his health after he descended a stage ramp unsteadily during an appearance at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

To make a point about the “fake news” criticisms, Trump removed a glass of water from his podium and proceeded to take a couple sips from it while holding it with one hand. The crowd cheered his performance, chanting for “four more years” of his administration. He tossed the glass away from the podium.

-Right Wing Watch; 6/22/2020

The Police Have Been Spying on Black Reporters and Activists for Years. I Know Because I’m One of Them.

Wendi C. Thomas is a black journalist who has covered police in Memphis. One officer admitted to spying on her. She’s on a long list of prominent black journalists and activists who have been subjected to police surveillance over decades.

-ProPublica; 6/9/2020

Video Shows Law Enforcement Officers Slashing Tires at Minneapolis Protests

The gray car in the video is the one that Luke Mogelson, a writer for The New Yorker, had rented to cover the protests. When the protests last Sunday turned violent as officers fired tear gas on peaceful protesters who were out after curfew, Mogelson went to check on his car. One officer told him he would tell his colleagues that the car was a press car. When he later went to get his car, officers told him about the slashed tires. “They were laughing,” Mogelson told Mother Jones. “They had grins on their faces.”

-Slate; 6/7/2020

A WW Delivery Driver Says Police Detained Him as He Restocked Newspaper Boxes in Downtown Portland

Mitchell, a Portland native who has delivered papers for WW for two months, says he did not get the name of the officer. He did what he was told and got on his knees while stating he wasn’t holding a lighter. He says the officer accused him of trying to light the paper box on fire.

-Willamette Week; 6/6/2020