Soldiers who served under Clint Lorance in Afghanistan see Trump’s pardon as betrayal

Clint Lorance had been in charge of his platoon for only three days when he ordered his men to kill three Afghans stopped on a dirt road.
A second-degree murder conviction and pardon followed.
Today, Lorance is hailed as a hero by President Trump.
His troops have suffered a very different fate.
-Washington Post; 7/2/2020

Fact-checking claims about nurses getting nothing but false-positive COVID-19 tests

  • We could find no evidence that labs are deliberately manipulating COVID-19 test results to create false-positives. Similarly unproven claims have been circulating for weeks and echo months-old conspiracy theories.
  • Jeffrey Sebelia, the source of the Facebook post, said it was a “word-of-mouth story” from his mom. He had no further proof to support the claim.
  • While COVID-19 tests may sometimes produce false-positive results, they’re rare. Experts are more concerned about false-negatives.
  • Data currently shows more than 90% of coronavirus tests come back negative.

-Politifact; 7/2/2020

Trump’s Baseless Attacks on Times, Post Reporting on Russia Probe

But Trump and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany have pointed to no errors in the reporting, and a rereading of the articles shows that the work is quite solid. The reporting is heavily supported by special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election and by other publicly available documents and sources.; 7/2/2020