GOP Group Uses Trump’s Own Words On Corruption Against Him In Searing Fox News Ad

Republicans for the Rule of Law released the commercial after the president decided to host the next G-7 summit at a Trump golf resort.

-Huffington Post; 10/18/2019


If You Don’t Care About Kurds Dying—You’re Not Pro-life (OPINION)

Kurdish people are being murdered, almost entirely due to our President’s recklessness, his disregard for human life—and his willingness to serve his own interests and distract from his criminality at any cost, all with the unwavering support of white Christians who claim to be single issue voters, rallying around the cause of defending life.

-John Pavlovitz; 10/13/2019

Trump Vows To Put A Man On The Moon. Someone Should Introduce Him To Buzz Aldrin.

President Donald Trump made two head-turning promises at his Louisiana campaign rally Friday: He’s going to put an end to socialism — and put a man on the moon.

The crowd in Lake Charles roared.

Two problems: What socialism is he talking about? Social Security? His $28 billion in subsidies to his “patriot farmers” to help them survive his trade war with China?

-Huffington Post; 10/12/2019

American Priority Conference Denies Entry to Outlet it Dislikes (That Would Be Us)

The organizers of a pro-Trump conference near Miami, Florida, who purport to be extolling the values of “freedom of speech and free association” at their event, have ejected this Right Wing Watch reporter, who hoped to cover the event. No reason was given for cancellation of my online registration, which I purchased as a paid ticket to the conference. (My payment was refunded.)

American Priority Conference Denies Entry to Outlet it Dislikes (That Would Be Us)

-Right Wing Watch; 10/10/2019