Florida committee approves bill requiring felons to pay court fees before voting


-The Hill; 3/19/2019

Florida Gave Former Felons the Right to Vote. Legislators Want Them to Pay First.

They’re considering a bill that some critics liken to a modern-day poll tax.


-Mother Jones; 3/19/2019


Florida sixth-grader arrested after dispute with teacher over Pledge of Allegiance


-Washington Post; 2/17/2019

11-Year-Old Arrested At School After Refusing To Stand For The Pledge


-Huffington Post; 2/17/2019

Florida Sen. Rick Scott (R) blames Venezuela’s collapse on socialism, but is that the real culprit?

“After all, if you convince people that every left-wing government is on a slippery slope to Venezuela, the entire left becomes toxic. Which is very much the point. Don’t be fooled. All that Venezuela demonstrates is that if you leave implementation to the very worst, most anti-intellectual, callous, authoritarian and criminal people in society, socialism can have genuinely horrendous consequences. But couldn’t the same be said of every ideology?”


-PolitiFact; 1/25/2019