Trump keeps claiming that the most dangerous cities in America are all run by Democrats. They aren’t.

Cities generally have more crime than suburban and rural areas. That’s been true for decades if not centuries and is true across the planet.

-Washington Post; 6/25/2020

Steve Bannon’s (R) COVID Podcast Is Being Distributed by a Convicted Crook

War Room: Pandemic is a podcast and radio program that appeals to a MAGA audience and focuses on the coronavirus, and is hosted by President Trump’s former chief strategist at the White House and by the former Nigel Farage adviser Raheem Kassam.

It has covered COVID-19 and pushed false narratives about the virus, including giving weight to the unproven theory that it was somehow man-made.

-The Daily Beast; 6/22/2020

Trump authorizes sanctions against International Criminal Court officials

President Donald Trump on Thursday authorized sanctions and additional visa restrictions against International Criminal Court personnel — the latest attempt by the administration to strong-arm the international body out of an investigation into potential war crimes by US military and intelligence officials.

-CNN; 6/11/2020

Over the past 60 years, more spending on police hasn’t necessarily meant less crime

Intuitively, one might worry that reducing police spending would lead to a spike in crime. A review of spending on state and local police over the past 60 years, though, shows no correlation nationally between spending and crime rates.

-Washington Post; 6/7/2020

FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronavirus

Federal agents seized a cellphone belonging to a prominent Republican senator on Wednesday night as part of the Justice Department’s investigation into controversial stock trades he made as the novel coronavirus first struck the U.S., a law enforcement official said.

-Los Angeles Times; 5/13/2020

Burr (R) steps aside as Senate intelligence chair amid FBI probe

-PBS; 5/14/2020

More than 1,900 former Justice Dept. employees again call for Barr’s resignation

More than 1,900 former Justice Department employees on Monday repeated a call for William P. Barr to step down as attorney general, asserting in an open letter he had “once again assaulted the rule of law” by moving to drop the case against President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn.

-Washington Post; 5/11/2020

Justice Department dropping Flynn’s (R) Trump-Russia case

The action was a stunning reversal for one of the signature cases brought by special counsel Robert Mueller. It comes even though prosecutors for the past three years have maintained that Flynn lied to the FBI in a January 2017 interview about his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

Flynn himself admitted as much, pleading guilty before later asking to withdraw the plea, and he became a key cooperator for Mueller as the special counsel investigated ties between Russia and Trump’s 2016 political campaign.

-PBS; 5/7/2020

Justice Department drops criminal case against Michael Flynn (R)

The Justice Department is dropping the criminal case against President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, whose lies about his contacts with Russia prompted Trump to fire him three years ago and special counsel Robert Mueller to flip him to cooperate in the Russia investigation.

-CNN; 5/7/2020

Fox is cheering on rogue sheriffs connected to an extremist group

Fox News is cheering on rogue sheriffs who refuse to enforce shelter-in-place or social distancing orders that they claim are unconstitutional. Three of these sheriffs who have appeared on the network also have ties to the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, an extremist, pro-militia group.

-Media Matters; 5/7/2020