After ‘fake farmer’ claim, Devin Nunes (R) reports he owns small farm that earns no income

Nunes, R-Tulare, reported on a newly released financial disclosure form that he owns a Tulare County farm that generates no income for him and is worth less than $15,000.

Nunes has never before claimed a farm as one of his assets in annual financial disclosures, according to public records dating back to 2007.

That suggests he either bought a small part in a farm recently or he improperly filed previous financial disclosures, according to Delaney Marsco, legal counsel on ethics for the nonpartisan watchdog group Campaign Legal Center.

-Fresno Bee; 8/15/2019


Watchdog groups sound the gerrymandering alarm on ALEC’s ‘redistricting’ workshops

The shadowy group responsible for crafting many of the Republican Party’s most extreme, far-right laws is holding panels on redistricting at its annual conference next week, a sign that the group may be taking part in the GOP’s efforts to gerrymander in 2021, according to open government experts.

Watchdog groups sound the gerrymandering alarm on ALEC’s ‘redistricting’ workshops

-Think Progress; 8/8/2019