Fact-checking claims about nurses getting nothing but false-positive COVID-19 tests

  • We could find no evidence that labs are deliberately manipulating COVID-19 test results to create false-positives. Similarly unproven claims have been circulating for weeks and echo months-old conspiracy theories.
  • Jeffrey Sebelia, the source of the Facebook post, said it was a “word-of-mouth story” from his mom. He had no further proof to support the claim.
  • While COVID-19 tests may sometimes produce false-positive results, they’re rare. Experts are more concerned about false-negatives.
  • Data currently shows more than 90% of coronavirus tests come back negative.


-Politifact; 7/2/2020

Benny Johnson (R) Falsely Claims That Gun-Toting Couple Were Democrats

Turning Point USA chief creative officer Benny Johnson attempted to claim that a white ​couple that aimed firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis​, Missouri, were not supporters of President Donald Trump​, but rather Democratic Party voters. Johnson turned to Federal Election Commission data to support his claim, but there was a problem: ​He found the wrong guy.


-Right Wing Watch; 6/30/2020

Fact-checking the GOP’s ‘satirical’ vote-by-mail video

State election officials from both parties are expanding vote-by-mail this year to mitigate the risk of spreading the novel coronavirus. President Trump has fumed at these moves and for weeks has been spreading false information about vote-by-mail laws and safeguards, often tweeting baseless warnings about a phantom plot to steal the election.


-Washington Post; 6/24/2020

Trump baselessly accused Obama of treason and it wasn’t big news

A state’s leader baselessly alleging that his predecessor committed treason would be greeted with blaring alarms if it happened elsewhere. The news would be interpreted as a sign that the state’s democratic institutions were in danger — and that it was teetering on the brink of tyranny.


-Media Matters; 6/23/2020

Trump Charges Obama With Treason in CBN Interview


-Right Wing Watch; 6/23/2020