‘He just floored it’: Detroit police SUV plows through protesters, flings people who climbed on hood

Tristan Taylor, a protest organizer with the group Detroit Will Breathe, said to WDIV that the dangerous scene was exactly why they were demonstrating, adding that police in the city believe “they could do anything with impunity.”


-Washington Post; 6/29/2020

St. Louis mayor reads names and addresses of protesters who want to defund police

Mayor Krewson then began reading the suggestions. She gave first and last names and what streets people lived on – in some cases, she gave exact addresses – along with how they want the budget to be spent. Many of them suggested a budget of $0 for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.


-KSDK St. Louis; 6/26/2020

Cops fired over violent, racist talk about Black people: We are going to ‘start slaughtering them’

“We are just gonna go out and start slaughtering them,” one of the fired officers said, according to a police summary.


-NBC News; 6/25/2020

‘We are just gonna go out and start slaughtering them’: Three cops fired after racist talk of killing black residents


-Washington Post; 6/25/2020

The Federalist Publisher Calls on Republicans to Get Physically Involved Against BLM Protesters

Ben Domenech, publisher of the right-wing outlet The Federalist, called on Republican Party leaders to “physically take part” in defending the nation’s ​statues honoring Confederate leaders, slave-holding men, and brutal colonizers from protesters who are calling for the statues’ removal.


-Right Wing Watch; 6/24/2020

Wrongfully Arrested Because Face Recognition Can’t Tell Black People Apart

Face recognition technology can’t tell Black people apart. That includes Robert Williams, whose only thing in common with the suspect caught by the watch shop’s surveillance feed is that they are both large-framed Black men.


-ACLU; 6/24/2020