On key date he was reportedly briefed on Russia bounty story, Trump was live-tweeting Fox News, meeting right-wing media figures

On another key date, then-acting intelligence director Richard Grenell was fighting online with CNN and The Washington Post — over whether Trump reads his President’s Daily Brief


-Media Matters; 6/30/202

Whistleblower who warned about federal mismanagement of virus alleges ongoing retaliation

A government whistleblower ousted from a leading role in battling COVID-19 alleged Thursday that the Trump administration has intensified its campaign to punish him for revealing shortcomings in the U.S. response.


-PBS; 6/25/2020

Cable morning shows mostly ignore Trump’s move to end funding for coronavirus testing sites, as hotspots descend into chaos

Of the three major cable news morning shows, only Morning Joe discussed the end of federal funding for 13 COVID-19 testing sites. Meanwhile, case spikes are threatening to overwhelm health care systems again.


-Media Matters; 6/25/2020

Most Arizona TV news reports on the lead-up to Trump’s visit failed to mention the state’s recent spike in coronavirus cases

President Donald Trump’s June 23 visit to Arizona happened at a time when the state had been seeing a massive surge of new coronavirus infections and just days after the president said he asked his administration to “slow the testing down.” Nevertheless, most local television news coverage of Trump’s visit in the days leading up to the event failed to mention this spike in coronavirus cases.


-Media Matters; 6/24/2020

Trump administration to end federal support for COVID-19 testing sites

As the number of coronavirus infections continues to climb across the country — particularly now in the South and West — the Trump administration is planning to end its funding and support for coronavirus testing sites at the end of the month.


-NBC News; 6/24/2020