Senate Advances Another Trump Court Pick Rated ‘Not Qualified’ To Serve

Justin Walker lacks the experience to be a lifetime federal judge, the American Bar Association says. But Republicans are ready to confirm him anyway.

-Huffington Post; 10/17/2019


Amid a hasty withdrawal, Pentagon scrambles to revise campaign against Islamic State

-Washington Post; 10/17/2019

Trump Vows To Put A Man On The Moon. Someone Should Introduce Him To Buzz Aldrin.

President Donald Trump made two head-turning promises at his Louisiana campaign rally Friday: He’s going to put an end to socialism — and put a man on the moon.

The crowd in Lake Charles roared.

Two problems: What socialism is he talking about? Social Security? His $28 billion in subsidies to his “patriot farmers” to help them survive his trade war with China?

-Huffington Post; 10/12/2019